Boston College Library Welcome to the OWL, the Connors Family Center’s internet department is publishing tutorial companies. Staffed by undergraduate and scholar viewers at responding to the work of the colleagues equally really and constructively experienced, the OWL gives tutoring assistance that is free to the Boston College area. As with in-person tutoring, our goal is to help learners enhance their writing at the degree that is worldwide, with focus on disagreement, organization, and efficiency, instead of comprehensive grammatical and changes. We strongly suggest that writers in distributing to the OWL interested first examine our Frequently Asked Questions page. Contact the OWL Questions in regards to the OWL could possibly be directed for the OWL coordinator, Craig Kasprzak (, or even to the manager of the Connors Family Learning Center, Dr. Kathy Duggan ( Spring Schedule Friday, February 1 – day taking submissions for your spring term. Thursday, March 2 – Deadline for submissions to receive feedback before Spring Recess. Wednesday, March 5, to March 13, Sunday – Closed for Spring Recess. Submissions received during this time will not be processed until Monday, March 14.

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Mon, March 21 – Contract for submissions for feedback. Thursday, March 24, to Mon – Sealed for Weekend. Submissions received during this time period will not be prepared March 29, until Thursday. Saturday – Closed for Patriot’s Day Wednesday, May 3 – Contract for spring session submissions. Fri, May 6 – Closed for summertime. Please be aware additionally the OWL is sealed on all Saturdays. What BC individuals are saying regarding the OWL: Particular paragraphs were highlighted by My tutor for both compliments and evaluations. Her feedback was not exceptionally research papers useless toward my revisions.

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My OWL viewer supplied some of the best feedback I’ve ever gotten from a instructor. I’m exceedingly pleased his helpr all The I recognize having this resource and OWL can be an unbelievably useful software for writers! The instructor supplied the grade of my examination, clear and considerable comments about my dissertation declaration, and my essays structure. I was not extremely displeased with the feedback of my teacher. It was much more detailed, correct, and obvious than expected. All of my teachers from the OWL have been exceptionally useful in my own writing method. They provided fresh methods that I – can use on my ownd pushed my publishing to enhance

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